2012 North Vegas

Uncompromising Freestyle Kite

The 2012 Vegas reinforces its legacy as an incredibly versatile C-shape kite, integrating uncompromised new-school/wake attributes with free-ride comfort. The key to the Vegas’ versatility lies in a simple adjustment on the kite’s wingtip, offering three varied settings with the quick switch of a knot. These settings have been tuned to offer three very distinct modes to suit your preferred riding style.
The standard free-ride setting offers everything you would expect from a free-ride kite like loads of de-power, responsive steering and predictable handling. The second setting is ideal for taking your first steps into freestyle, offering noticeably harder bar pressure providing more accurate kite feedback and making steering slightly less responsive to practice unhooked tricks. The third option converts the Vegas into a full-blooded new-school/wake machine that sits deeper in the wind window and delivers consistent pull with a very limited de-power stroke. This is the preferred setting of our core freestyle team and allows you to do the most powerful kite-loops and offers the most explosive pop for powered new-school and wake tricks.


North Vegas Kite

  • Freestyle/ New school kite
  • Intermediate – Advanced riders
  • C-Shape Kite
  • Optional Modes: NewSchool/Freestyle/Freeride
  • direct steering

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