Kite-Turkey & Arkas

Sponsorship & Riders of Tomorrow

Kite-Turkey are proud to be sponsored by Arkas, a pioneering Turkish company with a long history of supporting the development of sport in Turkey.



Arkas ‘Riders of Tomorrow’ Youth Program

With the generous support of Arkas we are training 20 young local people to kitesurf during the 2010 season as part of the ‘Arkas Riders of Tomorrow’ program.

Program Aims

  • To create employment opportunities for young people from a variety of social and economic backgrounds, giving them the skills and training required to work in kitesurfing and related tourism industry.
  • To promote the sport of kitesurfing in Turkey.
  • To create a team of young Turkish kitesurfers to compete at the highest level of the sport.

For more information about the ARKAS Riders of Tomorrow program contact us now