Alaçatı Wind Conditions

Wind conditions for kitesurfers in Alaçatı

Alaçatı is a natural playground for kitesufers and windsurfers thanks to its wide, shallow bay and the Meltemi, a seasonal climatic system that forms over the Aegean Sea creating great wind throughout the summer, from May-September, but often in October too. The meltem wind is strong and stable – great for kiteboarding! It is very reliable too – with over 25 windy days a month during the summer. Typical wind conditions 16-26 knots.

In summer, the Meltem wind starts like clockwork at 10-11 am, strengthening during the afternoon to 4-5 Beaufort, before dying out at sunset. It is not uncommon for the wind to get up to 5-7 Beaufort, and continue blowing day and night for a week or more. Small kite days!

Off-season the wind is more variable but the weather is still warm in April/May and October/November. Even in December the kiteboarding conditions can be excellent. There are some great kiteboarding spots on the Cesme peninsular for freestyle and wave riding. You will have the place to yourself too!

The 3-day wind forecast from WindGuru


What’s the best time for kiteboarding in Alaçatı?

We recommend June and September for kiteboarding in Alaçatı, as the wind is excellent and the weather is sunny and warm! Plus accommodation is cheaper and there are very few people around.