Beginner Kitesurf Course

Our Complete Kitesurf Beginner’s Course

Our Kitesurf Beginner Course is based on the official TYF training programs and is designed to get you up and riding as quickly and safely as possible. Our experienced TYF kitesurf instructors will teach you the theory and introduce you to the basic kite flying techniques using a trainer kite.  You will learn about the kitesurf equipment and safety systems. Progressing into the water for the first time, you will learn to harness the power of the kite by body dragging. You will learn emergency quick release and self-rescue techniques. Once you have mastered body dragging and launching and landing the kite in the water you will learn the theory behind the water start. The final hours of the Beginner Kiteboard Course will be spent working on your water start and initial riding technique. You will get the exhilirating rush of your first ride across the water!

No previous experience is required. By the end of the course most students will be able to stand up on the board and travel for some distance in one or both directions.


Kiteboard Beginner Course

  • 10 hours – 5 x 2 hour sessions
  • Usually over 4-5 days
  • Experienced instructors
  • Small Groups (max. 2 students per instructor)

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Level 1 – Theory, Set-up & Trainer Kite

Level 1 can usually be completed in 1 session (2 hours)

  • Determine safe conditions for launch site and identify potential hazards.
  • Set-up the trainer kite.
  • Launch and land the trainer kite with an assistant.
  • Demonstrate basic flying skills with trainer kite.
  • Walk and change directions with the trainer kite.
  • Set-up the kite and run pre-flight checks.
  • Understand the international communication signs.
  • Assist launching and landing kites.
  • Understand the kite’s depower and safety systems.


Level 2 – First Piloting to Body Dragging

Time to get wet! Level 2 can usually be completed in 1 session (2 hours). After first piloting is completed sucessfully each student will be given their own kite.

  • Control the kite hooked into the harness.
  • Understand the kite’s depower and safety systems.
  • Demonstrate advanced flying skills.
  • Recover the bar and kite and perform kite self-landing.
  • Understand the kite’s depower and safety systems.
  • Re-launch a kite in the water.
  • Perform first body-drag.
  • Body-drag downwind with kite in correct position.
  • Change direction while body-dragging
  • Demonstrate a self-rescue in the water.


Level 3 – Body Dragging to Water start

Level 3 can usually be completed in 2 sessions (4 hours).

  • Recover the kiteboard by body-dragging.
  • Body-drag one handed and upwind.
  • Learn the power stroke needed for a water start.
  • Understand the right of way rules.
  • Understand the safety rules and theory for water starts.
  • Learn the correct position for the water start.
  • Water start in both directions.
  • Up and riding a short distance.

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