Intermediate Courses

Intermediate Kitesurf Courses in Turkey

Our Intermediate Kiteboarding Courses are designed to consolidate and develop what you learned in your Beginner Kitesurf Course. Improve your water start and riding style, start kitesurfing consistently upwind and nail your first transitions.

The intermediate kiteboard course structure is flexible, with our experienced kiteboard instructors assessing your level and then helping you develop the skills you need to push your kitesurfing to the next level. To help you learn quickly and safely groups are limited to a maximum of 2 students per instructor, or you may prefer a 1:1 private lesson. Book a single 2-hour session or a 6-hour Intermediate Kitesurf Course.

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Intermediate Kitesurf Courses

  • Consolidate and develop your skills
  • Improve your stance and start riding up-wind
  • Learn how to transition and turn
  • Learn how to jump
  • Experienced kiteboard instructors
  • Small Groups (max. 2 students per instructor)

For a price list or to book a course contact us now.