Gökova Wind Conditions

Gökova is blessed with a reliable thermal wind that is funneled and accelerated down the Gulf of Gökova by the coastal mountains. Thanks to the predominantly sunny, clear weather in this part of the Turkish Mediterranean, the wind blows almost every day from May-September, with April and October slightly less reliable. The wind typically starts at 10-11am as the land starts to warm up, building to 16-22 knots and blowing constantly until sunset. The wind is constant and stable with few gusts, which makes Gökova ideal for beginners and independent riders looking to improve quickly.

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Note: As the wind in Gökova is a locally generated thermal wind, the Windfinder and Windguru forecasts are not accurate for the area.


Gökova wind

A super-reliable local thermal wind creates fantastic kitesurfing conditions throughout the summer

  • Reliable May-September
  • Local thermal wind
  • Accelerated by mountains
  • Constant with few gusts
  • 16-22 knots average
  • Ideal spot for beginners & progression

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