North Team Series Board

North Team Series Freestyle Board

The Team Series is the ultimate twin tip board in terms of performance thanks to its Textreme Carbon construction. It also offers impressive comfort for a freestyle board. The North freestyle team, Mario, Stefan, Reno and Cesar, all choose the Team Series for competitions. The board has quite a stiff flex, to ensure maximum pop; this is backed up by wide tips that further increase the power when you edge the board hard. These tips double up as stable landing platforms when you come in hard and fast and the Quattro V Bottom offers extreme grip. The Textreme Carbon construction is 20% lighter than traditional carbon and means that while the board is extremely performance orientated, it is also very comfortable to ride in rough choppy water. Whilst being an excellent freestyle machine this forgiving nature makes it perfect for the adventurous freerider out there too. The Team Series is for all our Pro riders, and of course all the riders looking to make the jump to the next level!

134 x 40cm
137 x 41cm
140 x 42cm

NKB S-BEND FS 4.6  fins


North Team Series Kiteboard

  • Freestyle, wakestyle and advanced board
  • Advanced riders
  • High-end Textreme Carbon Technology
  • Mad pop and controlled landings
  • Insane New-School performance

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